About Us

River Caravans is a Proud Australian Family Company based in Melbourne with over 30 years of Industry Experience in the Caravan Industry.

River Caravans itself was founded in 2010 with a focus on building high-quality Caravans for Caravanners that want peace of mind in their purchase.

River Caravans have made the conscious decision to produce only 150 vans a year to ensure quality control and the best possible end product which many mass production facilities simply cannot match or offer.

In 2019 River Caravans started producing their own chassis (C&R Chassis) to ensure that your Caravan’s quality control literally starts from the ground up. In fact, the chassis is so good that C&R have started providing their quality chassis products to a select group of other Manufacturers.

As a proud Australian company, they pride themselves in using as many locally produced materials & products as possible to ensure the highest quality Caravans on the market.

River Caravans are ‘hand built’ Caravans which allows them to more easily make customer required changes to layouts and specifications to better suit their customers’ individual needs.

River Caravans looks forward to working with you on your dream Caravan, tailored to suit your specific needs so you can travel this amazing country of ours knowing you have the best quality and peace of mind whilst you travel.

Our Range